Melbourne information solutions computingNot only does MIS offer leading technical support and installation, we also offer all the leading brands at the best possible prices completely built to your spec, or with OEM standard build. We offer all brands such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba and many more. All you need to do is let us know what you would like to do with your business, and we can deliver you a solution which meets your needs plus more. Contact the team today, and ask John, Rinaldo or Olaf to assist you in meeting your computer needs and technical requirements.

compaq laptopWe will painstakingly analyse every SINGLE piece of equipment/hardware before we even consider offering them to our customers.  Without hesitation we promise a 24 month warranty which empowers our customer to believe in our high quality standards and expertise in providing great tailored solutions.

HP imageOur staff are prepared to take on the responsibility such as dealing with manufactures on behalf of our customers. This removes any added stress that may be associated with computers and technology.  We want to make technology as easy as possible for our customers.