Melbourne Information Solutions virtual computingDid you know that not all small businesses require a server, most tasks can be done using cheaper yet reliable alternatives, find out what else works! Most Small Business owners don’t quite understand what a server does so many businesses purchase one because they think it’s their only solution.

Here are the facts

  • 90% of small businesses only require a networked file share
  • More than 50% of businesses will never require a proper Windows server
  • Less than 50% of businesses understand what a server can do
  • Most tasks can be performed using a standard Windows Professional machine
  • Most backup tasks can be performed effectively using a PC or NAS

Using a Windows Small Business Server does have its benefits, however the truth is most office environments can do without one.

Melbourne Information Solutions cloudsFor most offices you can get away with using a powerful Windows based PC. If you’re unsure let MIS help you make the right decision by coming out to your place of work and evaluating your requirements free of charge. Yes we offer solutions but building great relationships with our clients is just as important. In many cases we have saved our clients’ money by simply assisting them in understanding how technology can help run their business.

Have you considered the impact data loss would have on your income? Data backup may not be on your priority list but consider the impact if you walked into work tomorrow and found all your emails, accounting data & databases gone.  We have backup systems that will guarantee to keep your data safe, secure and make it easily restorable whenever you need it.

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