In this unusually titled post we explore how to help safeguard your critical business information and data, or personal documents and photos.

In one word: Backup.

If a ransomware virus bypasses all the other layers of security such as firewall and antivirus, there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will restore your information.
The widespread NotPetya/Goldeneye (2017) ransomware was one such non-recoverable infection.

By including a full image backup of computers and servers in your maintenance plan, even using the basic 3-2-1 method, your data can be protected.
An alternative or adjunct to backing up onto external hard drives, if your internet speed allows it, is to use cloud backup.

We have had several clients who were extremely grateful for their backups.

So backups are in fact better than airbags since they will bring your computer back to a pre-crash condition!