Teamviewer now has a cost effective $16/month (billed yearly) remote access solution.

This will allow you to remote in to your work computer from home.
Each user needs to buy one copy, registered under their email address.

Download from the big green button:

Then after installing Teamviewer on home and work PC, on the Work(host) computer click Extras>Options>Security and insert a personal/permanent password so that even after a reboot the remote access password remains the same.

Tick Start with Windows in Unattended Access.

Finally click Extras>Activate on the work PC.

Make a note of the ID and use the ID to Connect to Partner on the Home PC

Make sure to set the power options on the work PC to Never Sleep
If there is a power failure at work the PC may not turn on again, however there is a BIOS setting that prevents this (skill level-advanced)